Here at BAB Facilities Group we pride ourselves on our safety record.  We have a Director of Security and mandatory meetings for all of our staff every month to ensure everyone is protecting themselves and our clients.

All of our team is trained and certified on all large equipment we use, from lifts to power tools.

We also offer OSHA consulting for your business.

BAB’s OSHA consulting services can provide immediate value for your business. One of the best ways to protect your employees, eliminate hazards, and ensure OSHA compliance is to consistently monitor the safety conditions at your jobsite and in your facility. Resolving OSHA compliance issues immediately not only reduces your risk of an OSHA citation, but more importantly will mitigate the risk of an employee being injured on the job.

With BAB’s OSHA compliance consulting, you’ll always know where there are gaps in your safety compliance program and how to resolve them. Our safety consultants will work directly with you and your team to ensure you become and remain compliant at all times. Our thorough site safety audit process, conducted by experienced professionals, will identify any areas of non-compliance with OSHA Regulations and potential risks for the safety of your employees. Our consistent follow-up will ensure that, when possible, all measures to abate any deficiencies identified are completed prior to leaving your jobsite, and if additional steps are required that they are appropriately completed and documented in a timely manner.