Tenant Improvement

BAB Facilities Group is also a general contracting firm that offers a team of competent professionals with experience in all areas of tenant improvement and building renovation. We are dedicated to providing TI specialized services in Northern California, Southern California and Denver, CO.

We are experts in tenant improvements and new work stations to ground up construction projects for an entire space renovation for our loyal clients, retail facilities, commercial properties, and local manufacturing projects throughout California and Colorado. We work closely with building owners and tenants to build-up a plan for all necessary improvements and ensure that each requirement is met per your specifications.

From the conceptual design stage to project completion and occupancy release, the BAB Tenant Improvement team will oversee, handle and manage all construction project phases. Our project managers are experienced in competitive bidding measures, contract negotiations, local building standards and regulations. Our expert dedicated project managers can complete through your upgrades favorably at the highest quality while reducing all potential risks.