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Building Engineer Coordinator

As the Director of Business Development for BAB Facilities and Bay Area Builders Inc., Alissa brings over 15 years of experience in operations, management, and business development throughout the Bay Area. She is a powerful force in the workplace using her positive attitude and leadership not only to help motivate others, but to succeed in achieving the company’s goals. Alissa is a highly organized problem-solver with outstanding communication. She takes pride in not only developing a business, but building life-long relationships with clients while getting to know each individual both professionally and personally. Outside of work, Alissa enjoys cooking, traveling, and above all spending as much quality time with family as possible. BAB is thrilled to have Alissa on the team to accelerate the business forward!

As Senior Accounts Manager for BAB Facilities, Vicki consistently demonstrates how her dynamic experience sets her apart from others. She is a proud Bay Area native with a degree in psychology, having worked in various roles from project management, event coordination, and accounting over the past 18 years, seven years specifically in the Commercial Construction industry. Vicki utilizes her diverse expertise when diligently invoicing all work orders across all three BAB regions to ensure accounts receivable’s deadlines are met and customers are satisfied. Vicki is dedicated to maintaining a high level of detail in all her work, exudes grace under fire, and makes lasting impressions on colleagues and customers alike. In her free time, she enjoys hiking with her dog, attending local art & wine festivals and making spontaneous visits to the beach. Vicki is an indispensable asset for the success of the BAB team!

As BAB Facilities Coordinator, Kyle has eight years of experience in a multi-industry background with a focus on operations, management, dispatching, and transportation. Kyle handles all day-to-day scheduling, coordination, and client communications. He delivers high levels of customer service and diverse skills in communicating across multiple platforms. Kyle brings positive energy to the workplace and tackles high pressure with a focus on a solution-driven approach. Outside of work, Kyle is a car and motorcycle enthusiast who enjoys spending time outdoors, and above all is a devoted father who loves spending time with family. BAB is pleased to have Kyle bring a fresh dynamic to the team!
As Director of BAB Facilities, Nate utilizes his extensive experience and talents to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the team. From his early days as a field laborer in 2011 he honed his skills, through the guidance and mentorship of experienced coworkers, to become a collaborative manager who plays a pivotal role in the success of projects, ensuring the seamless execution of operations and prioritizing safety at every step. He spearheads the implementation of comprehensive protocols and procedures expertly mitigating risks. When not busy at the office, you can find Nate engaging in friendly ping pong matches, passionately cheering for Bay Area sports teams, tackling house projects, and cherishing quality time with his family. Nate is an invaluable member of the BAB Facilities team, who brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to the growing success of the department!
As BAB Facilities Operations Manager, Danny is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Danny has played an essential role in shaping and managing a team of skilled technicians for the past 13 years. In his capacity as the Facilities Operations Manager, Danny oversees the day-to-day operations, is committed to customer satisfaction, and consistently holds his team to the highest standards of service. Danny leads by example, demonstrating exceptional management skills and fostering a work environment that promotes professionalism and excellence. In his leisure time, Danny finds enjoyment in biking local Bay Area trails, actively participating in his children’s gymnastics and baseball activities, and generously devoting many weekends to helping out at a local cattle ranch. Danny’s leadership, combined with his passion for excellence, ensures that BAB Facilities continues to thrive and exceed expectations!
Caitlin is a dedicated Building Engineer Coordinator at BAB Facilities. With her expertise in managing property accounts, she ensures the smooth operation of the Engineering Division. With over seven years of experience in the field, Caitlin has gained comprehensive knowledge of every aspect of building maintenance. She goes above and beyond in maintaining well-organized accounts for each unique stationary engineer and their building’s needs. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Caitlin enjoys being outdoors with her husband and two young daughters. BAB is lucky to have Caitlin on the team to ensure our customers’ satisfaction!